Self-Motivated? 4 Science-Based Secrets To Achievement And Success


I run every other day.

However, only about a quarter of the time do I feel motivated to run before I begin. Even less so in the winter. It’s cold outside, and I’m quite comfortable inside. Most of the time, I’d rather stay put than put on my running clothes and push my body. But I do it anyway.

At the beginning of every single run, no matter how I’m feeling, my body is resistant. It feels like I’m running through quicksand, and everything hurts. Within thirty seconds, I want to stop. In fact, before I became a more consistent runner, I would stop.

I thought that resistance was a sign I just wasn’t a good candidate for running. Fortunately, a friend told me that everyone feels resistance at the beginning of a run. You just have to push through it until your body warms up. I finally tried it, and she was right. After about a mile, sometimes less, I get in the running groove. My joints loosen up, my breathing is less labored, and I pick up my pace.

I’ve learned to be patient and wait for it. Even when I don’t have the power of motivation inspiring me, I still know to keep going just a bit farther and the pain will let up. As my body and my mind are screaming, “Stop! Stop running right now!” — my higher self reminds me that I can do it. I’ve done it before, and I know I’ll feel better in just a few minutes.

I also know how I feel after a run – how a run gives me energy, helps my creativity, and makes me feel physically and mentally better in general. I also use this information when my body and mind are screaming at me.

So why am I sharing this with you?


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